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Font – a premium font bundle distributor has risen up in recent months from a relatively unknown entity to a popular main player in the Graphic Design industry.

By breaking the mould with ideas such as Auction Font Bundles and with their Free Font of the Week concept they seem to be digging in their heels and are gaining lots of interest from font fanatics all over the globe.

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Launching in December 2015, have been instrumental in saving consumers ‘bundles’ of money. With up to 96% off original prices it’s easy to see why they have become increasing popular. The hugely popular flagship release ‘New Year New Fonts Bundle’ proved very popular among craft enthusiasts and companies alike. They have since gone on to release 5 more bundles in a short space of time, each of which has followed the same popularity route as its predecessor.

One of the great selling points about is that they have simplified license agreements. It has been, in recent times, quite difficult to establish how fonts could be used both personally and commercially from websites offering fonts for sale. The Font Bundles Premium License agreement has made that a lot easier to understand. Now you can use fonts in both your personal and commercial work with the added peace of mind that the license is clear and easy to understand,  but also that a designer has signed the agreement giving you permission to use their creative work in your own. That in itself is great – I can’t count the amount of times I have had to ‘translate’ a license agreement!

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Feel free to go over and check them out and grab yourself a bargain in the mean time!

You can also find them on their Facebook page here


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