DevFreeCasts collects the best Free Screencasts for Developers

Screencasts are often the quickest and easiest way to learn about a new subject. An instructor can present info via video while also showing you how to perform certain tasks.

Many premium-quality screencast services cost money – however DevFreeCasts is a stupendous compilation of free screencasts from all subjects.

You can learn about topics ranging from PHP, Angular, C++, Git, Rails, even Visual C# if that strikes your fancy.

Note that DevFreeCasts is not associated with any particular website or screencast recorder. It’s just a curated list of the best free options out there for developers.

Check out the main website to get a list of categories and videos. If you know of any incredible screencasts you can submit them via these instructions added to the GitHub repo.

You can also stay updated with the latest additions by visiting DevFreeCasts’ Facebook page, or by following their official Twitter account @devfreecasts.

DevFreeCasts learning resource

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  1. February 9, 2016

    Thanks for sharing this resource as well. Curated lists are always beneficial especially for things like this. For whatever reason I feel that screencasts for dev/design should be right up there with gaming. This is of course for people in our industry/profession. Regardless, thank you again.

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