Dexter runs cloud services with quick-to-scale architecture

A brand new platform named Dexter is currently in private beta and looking for testers.

It’s meant to be a cloud system that makes third-party APIs much easier to maintain and develop over. Dexter uses a visual editor to connect with modules for common 3rd party API applications. From there you can deploy modules via Git and maintain your codebase in the cloud.

“Dexter manages code execution for you, drawing on the scalability and reliability of Amazon’s Lambda compute service. Based on the triggers you specify, Dexter will invoke your app only when it’s needed. While in beta, we’ll run whatever you throw at us for free. Go wild.”

Developers will be able to test locally and even deploy quickly to cloud services like AWS.

If you have the time you’ll even be able to build & deploy your own modules that can be re-used over a variety of applications.

Although the site is still in beta testing you can sign up for free to be included. Dexter has no set release date but you can stay on top of news via the official Facebook page or on Twitter @rundexter.

Dexter App website

Jake Rocheleau

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