SourceLair is your Online IDE for Python, PHP, Node, and more

Frontend IDE webapps are growing more common with each passing year. Mozilla’s Thimble and CodePen are just two thriving examples.

But what about backend IDEs? Can these be managed and used solely from within a web browser?

Well with a platform like SourceLair the answer is a resounding yes!

SourceLair is a powerful online IDE that offers code rendering for a number of popular languages, both frontend & backend. It includes a natural Django setup along with PHP, Ruby, Python, and even Node.js.

A platform like this is hard to come by and certainly not as well-known among developers. Commonly devs rely on a local IDE such as Sublime Text to write their code. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s also cool to have access to code projects from any computer with Internet access.

Free users can sign up to SourceLair for 1 free project indefinitely. From there pro users can upgrade to access more features and work directly with 5 different projects at once.

You can learn more from the SourceLair homepage or take a trip through the list of features on their website.

Folks who like social media can find SourceLair’s Facebook page and receive consistent updates via Twitter @sourcelair.

SourceLair code IDE

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