Are eCommerce Multi-purpose Themes the Latest Trend?

Online shopping has been with us for some time, and more recently, the number of online shoppers doing their shopping from tablets and other handheld devices has increased to the point where they are rapidly becoming a majority.

WordPress themes’ initial focus was on being used as website development tools with the PC in mind. The increased use of handheld devices has however ushered in a new trend that featured responsive WordPress themes that were not only multi-browser compatible, but cross-platform compatible as well.

An even newer trend is now taking shape in the form of themes that specifically address eCommerce requirements. While multi-purpose themes can often suffice, themes that are focused on eCommerce are often the only ones that can meet the challenge of providing end users with realistic and user-friendly online shopping experiences.

What eCommerce Multi-Purpose WordPress Themes Bring to the Table


Web developers currently have an impressive range of design options to choose from, as a number of eCommerce multipurpose WordPress themes have recently been introduced in the marketplace. Themes showing the greatest promise tend to be those that exhibit the most flexibility, an essential characteristic for creating attention-grabbing, product-oriented pages.

Most of these WordPress themes rely on pre-made layouts featuring eCommerce themes and concepts. Using these layouts in requires access to a range of editing and customizing options, including those taking into account an eCommerce site’s need to feature blogs, testimonials, reviews, shopping carts and the like.

Admin Panels are normally the controlling components of a theme, as it is the panel options that manage everything from shopping cart styles to icon fonts. The eCommerce website developer therefor looks to a responsive theme that features a usable selection of layouts combined with a robust page builder and admin panel.


A number of eCommerce-oriented themes on the market have provided excellent solutions for the design of easy-to-navigate, feature-packed, and attention-grabbing online stores. The design of these online stores, once a cumbersome, labor-intensive, and sometimes error-prone process has now become, thanks to these dedicated eCommerce themes, a rapid and efficient process capable of producing optimum results.

Atelier:  A Case Study


Atelier entered the marketplace fairly recently, but this eCommerce-oriented WordPress theme has nevertheless managed to take the eCommerce theme world by storm. Atelier is swiftly becoming one of the more popular themes, if not already the most popular theme, of its type. Atelier is a creation of Power Elite Author Swift Ideas, which is responsible for selling more than 20,000 items on Themeforest.

One of the secrets to its success is undoubtedly the fact that is extremely flexible and versatile to use; more so than any other eCommerce theme. Coupled with this theme’s 12 (and counting) stunning layouts and demos, it is little wonder that these performance features have contributed so much to Atelier’s growing popularity.

Even more impressive is the fact that data from any of this themes demos can easily be imported and used to further customize this theme’s product-oriented page creations. The demos and layouts also offer testimony to the unquestioned quality of this theme.

Optimized for Speed


This theme was build using HTML5 code, and the authors made full use of Google’s PageSpeed and YSlow optimizing tools to make certain pages will load quickly. As a result, product pages based on an Atelier theme design typically load a great deal faster than is the case with themes that do not use the same speed-optimizing tools. The end users shopping experience has in fact been significantly streamlined through the use of different cart styles, variable product features, add to cart features, notification animations, and the like.

Display Options


Product display options include standard and masonry formats, and display in two columns, or in up to six columns. User reviewing capabilities and the ability to display related products are also included among the many features. The need for mobile users to experience full-site functionality for their tablets or phones has been recognized and is specifically addressed, as opposed to merely being Responsive.

Header Options, Shop Types Page Building, and other Features

The number of header options is virtually limitless. 10 different header types are featured, but they are easily customized with the drag and drop configurator in addition to a number of other customizing options. Headers can be displayed on the top or either side or on the top of a page, nav buttons can be centered or split, and there are even two attention-grabbing animated page heading options that can be put into play. Header options and other display options can be viewed on Atelier’s website.  Several shop types are featured, including the Preview Slider, a new types which will be of particular interest to those who want to show off products with variations.


Atelier’s own Swift Page Builder comes with 50 different elements and creates pages quickly and easily. The popular Visual Composer page builder can be used as an option. Pages that have been created that might be handy for future use can be saved as templates. Adding to this theme’s page creating flexibility are more than 500 different icons, together with an icon library featuring 40 custom-made for Atelier icons, and 197 iconMind icons.


A wealth of other features are available in this theme’s package, including social sharing button features, CSS3 animations, blog and portfolio options, a custom colorizer, and more. Atelier is also fully translatable, using the WPML plugin. This theme is Retina Ready, and comes with updates and free support, including pre-sales assistance.

Atelier is the Right Choice

If there is one thing that defines this theme’s main strength, it would lie in the elegance of its presentations. Atelier is also incredibly versatile, and intuitive and easy to use. If the present WordPress theme trend is indeed in the direction of multipurpose, WooCommerce-compatible themes, Atelier, a highly flexible, versatile, and well-supported theme, is already leading the way, even though it is still a relative newcomer

Choosing this theme as your development tool should definitely have a positive and substantial impact on the size of your customer base. The price is competitive with most premium themes, which means you will definitely be getting your money’s worth, and more. Visit Atelier’s website, browse through this theme’s features, demos, and examples. You will be impressed.



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