Pre-made WordPress Layouts – A Valuable Asset for Any Web Designer

A pre-made layout does not have to have the exact design you have in mind. Its design in fact may not even be close, but it is nevertheless a starting point, and one that can get you off to a quick start and enable you to complete your project in less time.

A pre-made layout also serves as a wonderful idea-generating and brainstorming tool. That is its real intent. You may have already had a good page layout idea in mind, but with the help of one of these layouts, you find you now have an even better one. Better overall results, obtained more quickly, can translate into your ability to take on even more projects, which in turn means greater customer satisfaction and more money in your pocket.


Getting Started with Pre-made Layouts

Browse the layouts illustrated here and you will see how they can help you get a head start on your project. Change an image, change a title, create your own Nav buttons, and you can end up with a unique page that is every bit as elegant and modern as any of those shown below.

Try editing any page, and you will quickly discover the meaning of the word versatility, when it comes to using pre-made layouts as web design tools. As you will soon discover, making these changes most often involves little more than a few clicks and/or drags and drops.

Note: These pre-made layout examples come from Be Theme.

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These layouts are exceedingly simple to upload and to edit. If there is any doubt in your mind as to just how powerful and easy to use they can be—read on.

Case study: How to Install and Edit a Be Theme Pre-Made Layout

If you were to read through a set of instructions on how to install and edit a Be Theme pre-made layout, it would take not much more than a minute of your time. Watch this short video.


In fact, the actual installation and initial editing process doesn’t take all that much longer. Be Theme is like that. From initial installing a pre-made layout of your choice, to using the many features incorporated into this responsive WordPress theme, you will find your design skills seem to advance to a whole new level as you create and edit page after page effortlessly, and to levels of detail you once considered to be a tiresome chore to work with. The quality of design demonstrated in this theme, will be reflected in the quality of design of your website creations.

The Importance of World Class Support


What constitutes world class support? It is answering a customer’s question, or addressing a problem, within a few minutes to an hour, rather than “within 2 to 5 business days”. It is providing a prompt answer 24/7, as opposed to sending an e-mail thanking you for contacting customer service and promising to get back to you.

World Class Support, which Be Themes’ Customer Service department seems dedicated to providing, involves answering questions promptly, and providing assistance and advice when a customer has come across a problem or issue that requires resolution. Be Theme will occasionally direct you to the appropriate forum when a detailed answer is needed, or if you wish to discuss a particular issue with others.

image019 image021

The Core Features

Be Theme just keeps getting better with the release of each new version, currently 8+.

100+ Ready-to-use, pre-made Layouts you can install with a single click tops the list. You have already seen a sampling of these. If you have to choose Be Theme’s most powerful feature, it might just be this one, but the others are needed as well to use these modern and elegant layouts to their maximum advantage, and they include:

The Drag and Drop Muffin Builder is loaded with features lets you build pages, blog posts, and portfolios quickly and easily, and as is generally the case with Be Theme, effortlessly.


17 Customizable Header Styles including classic, modern, creative, split, and overlay styles.

A Powerful Admin Panel which is the tool you use to quickly and easily customize the theme in any matter you choose, without having to rely on a single line of code.

Responsive and Retina Ready are features to be expected. They are mentioned here because they are ultra-important; especially for eCommerce sites.

The Ideal One-Page Site Creator is a nice feature for those who want to create a simple yet informative one-page website quickly.

Layouts Configurator –Create a multipage website where the layout of each page is in its own way unique. A good way to fight user boredom and display your creative genius.

eCommerce Compatibility– Install WooCommerce in less than a minute, upload products quickly and easily, and manage payments effectively. Clients love it.

Lifetime Updates – Be Theme definitely works at keeping its customers in mind. As new features are being added, you will be kept fully informed. Customer Service cares as much about the success of your website development efforts as you do.


SEO Compatibility – an ever-changing core feature that takes into account the best current SEO practices designed to convince the search engines to rank your website higher

Be Themes’ core features are almost too many to mention, which only emphasizes the power and versatility each one brings to the table. Features not mentioned above include LayerSlider and Slider Revolution plugins, more than 200 shortcodes and muffin builder items, the RTL- and Multilingual-ready features, GoogleMap style choices, custom widgets, and more.

Be Theme is cross-browser compatible, and compatible with Visual Composer, MailChimp, BuddyPress, and WPML. To top it off, an online user guide comes with this theme, and there is always the World-Class customer support area to lend you a helping hand.



Although we have touched upon the major features of Be Theme, this overview represents just the tip of the iceberg. You are invited to explore in greater detail what this theme has to offer and how easy its pre-defined layouts are to use.

The deeper you explore, the more impressed you are likely to be with its powerful and elegant features. It should come as no surprise that this theme is one of a very few that can legitimately be referred to as a premium theme.






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