Version 2.0 plus Anniversary Bundle!

MOJO Themes Anniversary Bundle

A New Era at MOJO-Themes

In case you have not been formerly introduced the MOJO-Themes, now is the time. MOJO-Themes is a buy and sell marketplace for premium themes and templates.

We spent the last year building a solid product that has proven to provide quality themes and templates on the most popular CMS platforms. We have some of the most talented people who sell WordPress themes, sell HTML templates, and sell Tumblr themes. Seeing that we have an amazing community, we felt we had the responsibility for setting the standard for marketplaces on the web. It was necessary to step up and continue evolving and improving upon was has already been built.

A very large aspect to moving our site beyond year one was to ensure that our brand is scalable and professional from the items all the way down to the typography.

Finding the cream of the crop

We spent a long month interviewing and lobbying who we felt were some of the top designers on the market. Ultimately, we felt nobody understand how to gap the transition from a young new site into a flagship site like Brian Hoff did. Brian’s experience goes far beyond anyone we came across and it’s definitely worth noting a couple of his awards from Mashable and experience working with Apple Inc.

Brian, myself, and the rest of the MOJO team spent around 3 months editing, reviewing and brainstorming what we felt was going to raise the bar on theme marketplaces.

Highlights of V 2.0


We felt we accomplished the layout rather quickly, this only took a couple weeks.

MOJO-Themes Wireframe


We spent hour upon hour reviewing color combinations. Below is just a small sample of colors we experimented with. Although we didn’t choose any of the color combinations below, we feel like the one we selected on was the best one. View it here.

MOJO-Themes Redesign

MOJO-Themes Redesign

MOJO-Themes Redesign

MOJO-Themes Redesign

MOJO-Themes Redesign


Anybody who has or will get the honor of working with Brian quickly realizes his true talent. In my opinion, his greatest abilities are in his detail and typography. Brian successfully designed 95% of all typography through Proxima Nova (Created by Mark Simonson) and about 5% with Georgia. Proxima Nova has a very in depth range of sizes and we have portrayed almost all of them throughout the entire site.

MOJO Themes Typography

MOJO Themes Typography


Despite the large amount design upgrades we have spent equal time building functionality to match. Here is a teaser of what’s new:

  • New Account Center
  • MOJO Social: For those who know BuddyPress, MOJO Social is very similar. Users now can follow, message, and interact with other designers and developers through their new account center.
  • Enhanced Seller Controls such as editing and creating items themselves.

Everything I said here are elements in and of themselves. Come on over to to see the complete build in all it’s functionality and design.

P.S. Don’t forget the Anniversary Bundle!

MOJO Themes Anniversary Bundle

From the 18th to the 24th.

Author Bio: I am a 26 year old internet entrepreneur and co-founder of In addition, I have been involved with custom design and development for the past 6 years out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Feel free to contact me on twitter and let me know your thoughts or just say hi! @bradynord

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  1. April 19, 2011

    Great new Themes 🙂 I quite like the black/grey and orange one

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  3. July 4, 2011

    Awesome! I really wish them good luck and success just like Themeforest!

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