What is Shopify? – eCommerce Websites for Designers

by Brant Wilson

July 9, 2013 in Business/Freelance

As I’m sure many of you are aware you can use Shopify is a online store platform. The reason this audience is going to be interested in their platform is because of the details of their stores. They give users the ability to design beautiful online stores. Designers are visual creatures. We rely on the gut feeling over the substance. Our intuition drives nearly every visual decision we make. Shopify has carefully crafted stores to give their user base some of the most eye catching and functional shops found anywhere on the web.

The stores come out of the box with lots of great features.  Just to name a few:

  • You can choose from over 100 professional themes
  • Complete control over the store.  They allow you to take their store and make any custom CSS or HTML edits.
  • Shopping cart integration provided
  • Unlimited hosting bandwidth

They’ve got pricing plans ranging from $14 per month to $179.  <a href=”http://www.shopify.com/pricing/?ref=designmag”>See pricing plans here</a>

I’ve collected a gallery of a few to show off how beautiful these stores are.  There have several categories to choose from but for today’s post I just randomly featured 3 different category sections.

Clothing and Accessories Shops

Below are some great examples of actual eCommerce clothing and accessories shops.  On their website they show a gallery of many real stores using their service.  If you have spent any time in eCommerce you know that these sites look like something you paid thousands to develop yet in this case you can sign up for a low cost monthly subscription.




Art and Photography Shops
Here are some art and photography shops people have created using Shopify. Stunning visuals, clean, and minimalistic design make this category a great one for your next creative shop.




Book and eBook Shops
Whether you are looking for a simple one page shop to promote a new book or if you have an entire collection they can handle it. Below I have featured a single sale page version and a couple of multipage options.




There are certainly plenty of options if you are looking for place for an online store. I’ve been particularly impressed with Shopify’s options. What are your thoughts? Do you like another platform better? Anyone using Shopify?

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