40 Hot New Web Design Interfaces from Dribbble

by Jake Rocheleau

August 10, 2012 in Inspiration

There’s no question that Dribbble is the worldwide pulse of the Internet design community. Graphics designers are always sharing their latest projects with the world through sneak-peek screenshots. These will often include website layouts and creative web interfaces.

So passing through the Summer of 2012 I’ve put together this gallery of 40 brand new website interfaces. All the shots have been created by Dribbble members, both real projects and for practice. You can learn a lot by checking out these techniques and applying them onto your own layouts.

Typography Block

Delicious Photostream

Fulltook Project

Gift Preview

Homepage Design

Shopping Cart Menu

Layout Redesign

Textured Web Design

Admin Table

Dropdown Nav

Purple Search

Upcoming Events Widget

Web Photo Gallery

Amazon Product Page Facelift

Tags UI

Remove Photo

Thorsten Haak Portfolio

My Responsive Website

Clean User Interface

New Photo Portfolio

Find an Agent

Sherpa Redesign

Salsa Artist Website

Website Concept

Creative Background & Tabs

Login Form

Pictogram & Icon Platform

Pressflow Completed

Motorway Company Website

Form Elements

Book Publishing Website Topnav

Website Homepage

Clothes for Women

Agency Events

Graphics Pipework

Om Top Bar

eCommerce Website Header

Logo & Web Design

iPhone App Website

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