28 Beginner’s Tutorials for Learning about MySQL Databases

Developing and programming with databases is a huge step onto a large plateau of information. Nobody starts out with MySQL and masters the software in a week. Not only do you need to learn setting up DBs and tables, but also the SQL language itself.

This rough road was very difficult to traverse maybe 5 or 10 years ago. But there is much more information online today which is generally very helpful. Thus I have scoured through Google and put together 28 of my personal favorite MySQL tutorials for newbies. You can learn all the basics of setting up a database and connecting into your own application. But additionally if you have any questions or comments on the gallery, feel free to share with us in the discussion below.

Pagination SQL Server vs MySQL

Creating Simple MySQL Tables

Beginner’s Guide MySQL Installation

Insert/Update with One MySQL Statement

Run MySQL Server on your PC

Setup PHP & MySQL on OSX 10.8

How To Automatically Backup MySQL

Ajax Dropdown with PHP/MySQL

Create New Users and Grant Permissions

Setup A New MySQL User Account

Find and Replace Text SQL

8 WordPress SQL Hacks

Generate MySQL Database Size in MB

Backup & Restore MySQL Databases

How To Import and Export in MySQL

Important MySQL Configuration Changes

Top 10 Things to Monitor on your MySQL D/B

20+ MySQL Best Practices

Identifying MySQL Performance Issues

Best Practices for PHP/MySQL Server

Creating A Quick MySQL Relational Database

Relational Data in MySQL

How To Optimize a WordPress Database

WordPress Configuration Tricks

Clean Up & Streamline Your WordPress D/B

MySQL Database DROP Recovery

Connect with MySQL Database using Java

Create a Mailing List in PHP/MySQL

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