27 Custom Bespoke Tailor Websites for Design Inspiration

You ever hear the word haberdashery and just slip into a fit of laughter? Yes it may sound a little goofy, but it turns out those haberdashers are sewing up holes and mending fabric that all men need to survive in the real world. A more common phrase for this job is tailor which seems much more applicable in the modern world.

Bespoke tailors are hard-working artisans who create suits and suit accessories from scratch. Many of these tailors also build custom suits and sell them online. In order to attract a professional client base these tailors need a professional-looking website. So for all you designers and business owners I’ve put together this gallery of inspirational tailor websites. Inspiration comes in many forms and often times it is easiest to simply learn from the best.


hong kong hiras tailor bespoke

1701 Bespoke

1701 bespoke custom suit tailor website

Rory Duffy

rory duffy handcrafted tailoring services

Proper Suit

custom suits dark website layout propersuit


suitopia website inspiration design layout


custom menus suits tailors indochino

Aether Suits

aether tailoring custom suits website

Beyond Bespoke

custom tailor suits beyond bespoke website

Requisite Clothing

requisite clothing personal website layout

Frederick Lynn

frederick lynn haberdashery custom mens clothing


bhambi custom tailor website layout

Daniel and Lade

daniel lade bespoke personal portfolio site

Astor and Black

astor and black website custom tailor

Michael Andrews

michael andrews bespoke tailor website

Nicholas Joseph

nicholas joseph dark website layout inspiration

Andre Lani

andre lani custom tailoring website company

Oliver & Rowan

oliver and rowan bespoke company website


balani custom tailor bespoke suits chicago

A Suit That Fits

custom uk england suits tailoring company

Black Lapel

black lapel online tailor website company

Tom James

tom james personal website tailor


aspetto website custom bespoke tailor

Duchess Clothier

duchess clothier website vertical tailor layout


texas custom bespoke suits djones

Knot Standard

knot standard website custom tailor suits

Gian Decaro

gian decaro tailors custom bespoke design

Alton Lane

alton lane custom overcoats suits tailoring

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