Top 10 Sources of Logo Design Inspiration

by Steven Snell

September 21, 2008 in Inspiration

If you’re a logo designer or interested in learning more about logo design, there’s no doubt you’d like to see some excellent examples for the best logo designers around for your own inspiration. The ten sites listed below are all great places to visit when you’re in need of some inspiration, and many of them will also allow you to share your own work with others.


Carbonmade is a site where designers can post their portfolios in all kinds of design. There are over 401 portfolios of designers who specialize in logos. It’s a great place to browse and find some inspiration.

Logo Design Inspiration


LogoPond is a gallery site that exists specifically for logo design inspiration. You can share your own creations or just browse through the work of others.

Logo Design Inspiration


Faveup is a gallery of logos, css websites, flash websites, and business cards. New items are regularly added to each category.

Logo Design Inspiration


like Carbonmade, deviantART contains thousands of portfolios.  There’s a sub-category for logos and logotypes under the design and interfaces category.

Logo Design Inspiration


LogoSauce is another portfolio site where users can submit their own work, featuring only logos. There are over 4,000 designers with profiles on the site.

Logo Design Inspiration


Lo8os is a logo and graphic design community where users can share their work and find inspiration.

Logo Design Inspiration

The Identity Archives Project

The Identity Archives Project provides a keyword-searchable database of logos and brand identity designs from around the world. Users can submit there own work for inclusion.

Logo Design Inspiration

Logo Design Love

Logo Design Love is a blog of graphic designer David Airey. David writes articles on logo design and showcases a lot of great pieces of inspiration.

Logo Design Inspiration


Logoed is a blog that showcases excellent logos. The site has been around for a long time and has a good variety of logos in the archives.

Logo Design Inspiration

Brand New

Brand New provides opinions on corporate and brand identity work. If you’re looking to learn more about logo design and trends, this is a good resource.

Logo Design Inspiration


LogoLounge is another site for logo designers who are looking todisplay their work, and therefore a great place for design inspiration.

Logo Design Inspiration

Other blog post with logo design showcases:

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  • David Airey

    Sep 22nd

    Great stuff, Steven. I visit many of these sites frequently.

  • Steven Snell

    Sep 22nd

    Thanks David. Some of these were unfamiliar to me until I researched this post. There are some great resources out there specializing in logos.

  • Ralph Tomorrowton

    Sep 22nd

    Great digital sources, but the “Letterhead & Logo Design” series by Rockport Publishers is indespensible in my opinion.

  • david

    Sep 22nd

    Great post Steven (especially since we get a mention :-) )

    By the way Logosauce also runs design competitions where experienced designers and rookies alike can enter designs and win cash. User can search keywords and tags too. Build a portfolio and help clients find a great designer.

    All free supported by sponsors. Thanks again for the mention.

  • Un Mundo libre

    Sep 23rd

    Why are you write Top 10 and when you count it shows 11 total? ;-)

  • Smaakit

    Sep 24th

    Thanks for sharing – You’ve been featured on

  • Jacob Cass

    Nov 29th

    Hi Steven,

    Would be so kind to include a number 11?

    I notice this article has quite a few bookmarks so I thought it would make sense to put here too :)

  • paul ryazanov

    Mar 12th

    Nice samples. Actually these samples only keep logic that corporate logo design should be highly instrumental in building your corporate identity and should successfully exude the company’s attitude. The viewers must have some idea about the disposition, character, or fundamental values of your company through your logo.

  • Logo Design using Apples

    May 15th

    My favorite source of inspiration is, and everything apple. This is such a cool company, that you won’t go wrong.

  • DesignBay

    Jul 19th

    We just launched a new logo inspiration gallery here:

    Feel free to include it next time!

  • Mare

    Aug 9th

    Nice location for logo inspiration is

  • Website Design Services

    Aug 15th

    I really like Logo Pond for my inspiration.

  • Logo Inspiration Gallery

    Sep 10th

    That is a great logo list, added to bookmarks.

  • linko

    Sep 22nd

    Great and very inspiring collection…also recommend a logo design gallery
    Thanks !

  • Ajay Gajjar

    Oct 14th

    THanks, Steven,

    This is really great list and I bookmarked all !!!
    this will increase my love to logo design…..

    Thanks again.

  • designium

    Oct 21st

    Steven ty,
    I´ve bookmarked all also :D

    i guess need to make new collection after this search :D

  • Sandy

    Nov 25th

    Thanks for sharing links guys. Great help..

  • majalah

    Dec 17th

    deviantART is my favorite. But after reading this article, I just know that there are plenty resource for logo inspiration. Thanks for compile it. *Bookmark it for reference*

  • logo projektowanie

    Dec 27th

    where is

  • robocopc

    Jan 4th

    When I open your site in your browser, Safari 4 in Mac OS X, some elements of the page and off to the side and the text is broken: ( Please help me How can I remove the problem?

  • Steven Snell

    Jan 4th

    Can you send a screen shot to info [at] I am looking at it in Safari 4 on Mac OS X (through browserlab) and it looks fine.

  • logo ideas

    Feb 3rd

    You can add Logostock too.

  • Brian- Logo Design

    Feb 10th

    This is Superb collection.These websites are great inspiration for new learning logo designers

  • udaipur hotels

    Mar 5th

    Some lovely logos here – really like the Interface buble head

  • Pro Options Marketing

    Mar 7th

    I’m spending my Time on these sites and I’m loving every second of it. Great Creative logos everywhere on these sites.
    Also Check out my Newly Created Logo for my Marketing Site.
    Thanks for the List Yar.


  • John Foy

    Mar 8th

    Great and really helpful resources, but I think DesignBump, a top design social voting site, obviously needs a mention.

  • personalised wallpaper

    Jun 1st

    We have a wealth of experience in creating high quality prints for the home and retail market and get all thins done.

  • bsd vps

    Jun 8th

    My vote for logopond.

  • vuitton handbags

    Jul 23rd

    Thanks David. Some of these were unfamiliar to me until I researched this post. There are some great resources out there specializing in logos.

  • Deepdesign

    Sep 6th

    Thats a huge list for logo design inspiration. Thanks for compiling this list.

  • Deron Sizemore

    Oct 6th

    List was published before LogoGala was live. Would love to have LogoGala in the list if you’ll add it?

  • Jessica

    Nov 16th

    great post I really enjoyed it.

  • brian adams

    Dec 10th

    nice site for inspiration i really like it

  • Beats by Dre

    Dec 15th

    I could only WISH I could do any of these. So much color! These models are beautiful

  • Stylish Office Furniture

    Dec 29th

    Thanks for sharing these great logo design inspiration sources. This is a very useful list.

  • J. Hendrix

    Mar 16th

    Thanks for the roundup! Good for hours of inspiration :)

  • Doug Logue

    Apr 5th

    Huge CarbonMade fan! Thanks for the rest too, I’m always looking for new inspiration.

  • canndy girl

    Apr 6th

    Great post. You seem to have a good understanding that how to design a professional logo. When I entering your blog, I felt this. Come on and keep writing your blog will be more attractive. To Your Success!

  • Bea @ graphic design branding

    Apr 7th

    Logo plays a very important role in the brand remembrance of a company in the mind of the target audience. It conveys a lot about the company that uses it, and in the long run, becomes synonymous with its identity. Think of Yahoo!, Coca Cola, Google, and BBC, and immediately their logos will come to your mind. The identities of these companies have almost become synonymous with their logos. A graphic designing company works closely with its clients to develop their logo and other promotional material.

  • rupam

    Apr 10th

    Thanks for sharing ,it’s helpfull for me .

  • eal

    Apr 20th

    Thanks for sharing. A real lot of useful info here!

  • Venkatesh

    May 30th

    It’s very good article. I just found one more portfolio –

  • Logo Design Team

    Jul 5th

    Thanks for the post! Really useful links here! Quality Logo design inculcates a lot of planning and analysis before being incorporated and made. The right designers need to be contacted in order to make your logo successful in the market. As such, one must find these sites very helpful.

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